1. Yellow Comforter- G2M- We have 2 really nice goose down comforters in the attic that aren't being used. Really don't need another that isn't being used.

2. Slow cooker- G2M- Let's face it... all food made in a slow cooker has the same uniform taste to it. No matter what it is you cook it all tastes the same. Not really what I am aiming for with healthy, tasteful food.

3. D- Size L Willie Smith Sweatshirt. This fits really weird and all my shirts hang out from underneath and I always look slopped when wearing it. Just not really the look I am going for. Not that I actually "have a look" but I suppose if I did it would probably be a cross between comfy yoga pants most of the time and then the strange accessory thrown in which really doesn't match anything either. But at least I am sticking with a theme right?! Black yoga pants. Comfy.

4.D- I don't want to get super caught up in sizes here but I recently in the past year lost quite a bit of weight so I have a bunch of clothes that are too big. So I am just going to say a rather large, ruffly, black cover up shirt.  This is now way too big and I am not a ruffles kind of person so not sure why I made this purchase at all. It was about $45 too so I really don't know on this one.

5. Sage green flat sheet

6. Sage green fitted sheet

7. 1 Sage green pillow case

*5-7- D- I already have one sheet set. Gasp I know only one!!! But remember I have been a minimalist for quite some time now so how many sheet sets does an adult need? Really? We can only use one at a time. I can understand if you have small kids in cribs etc but really you can only use one at a time so for my family we only need one really nice set.

8. Foster Parent Binder- T- I'm sure I will get into this later on with other items but I have quite a bit of commotion and changes going on in my life at the moment. Being a foster parent isn't a good idea for my family at this point in time. Even if I change my mind I certainly don't need 500 pieces of paper detailing me on how to do it. It's HARD! Really hard. You do the best you can for that child and make the most out of a not-so-great situation. I really don't need a huge binder detailing things that I believe you can only learn with experience (Not saying I have it all either by the way).

9. Furniture Scratch Cover up Pencil-D-Honestly what is this thing? I've never used it in the 6 years I've lived in my home so I really don't think I am going to wake in the middle of the night with a furniture scratch emergency that this pen will be able to fix. Besides I have little kids and I am not anywhere near as consumed with having that "new home" look anymore. Honestly... I'm not concerned at all. Not saying let the kiddoes scrape the sides of our kitchen cabinets with matchbox cars but I want them to have fun and not worry about messing up our ouse.

10. Visine- T- We've never used Visine so I'm not sure why we even have it. 

11. Camcorder Box- Tr- I don't need it.

12. Glass Cake Stand and topper-G2M- I've never used this so I don't presume I ever will.

13. Jay Strongwater cross ornament- 2$- Still not sure why my husband purchased this for me. It was sweet but I really just don't like it. It is kind of gaudy. I purchased a Jay Strongwater picture frame and then I think he was hoping I might start some collection of sorts... didn't happen.

14. Serving Platter-G2M- My poor mother. This is going back to her. I've never used it and that means that I probably won't. Since I've not mentioned this before I am a vegetarian so this is really kind of useless to me. I suppose I could serve up a heaping mound of some sort of vegetarian entree but I more than likely won't so off it goes. Just in case you decide at this point to form some rather strong opinions about me in regards to my vegetarianism hold off. Please. I am not a red spray painting your Nike sneakers kind of activist. I do believe in what I believe in but I do not push my thoughts or belief system off onto anyone else. Except my kids until they have reached the age where they understand the food choices they choose to make. I purchase meat, chicken, fish etc and I cook it for my husband. My belief system extends to myself and my children. I will talk to you about it should you ask but I am not one of those people that if you order a meat entree in my presence I do not feel the need to abandon you to dine alone nor belittle you about your dietary choices.

15-17. Paper handprints made by the three foster children who were in our homes in 2010. I have pictures, many, to remember these little ones by and don't need these hanging in my kitchen.

18 & 19. Two plastic plates for the kids- D- We have enough plates and I am trying to eliminate the amount of plastic serving items that go into the microwave.

20. Seahorse kids plate-D- See item above same reason.

21. Contact lense case-Tr- I haven't worn contacts in over a year.

22. Huge toenail clippers- D?- Unless I am needing to amputate a finger or toe these are useless.

23. Blue Nailpolish-D- Cute but lets be realistic shall we... I tend to go for pink or red. Occasionally I'll throw in some nailpolish with sparkles. Who knows maybe I need to step out on a limb and try it. One day.

24. Red nailpolish-D-I have another red that I like better and I don't need two.

25. Baby Brite Book lite-T- Doesn't work but when it did it was awesome. Coal miners could use this thing.

26-28. Extra Christmas stockings- D-Don't know why I need extras?

29. Weight Watchers Scale-2$-This is still in the box and I've had it for 6 months. I don't think I will use it if I haven't touched it yet.

30-31. Two magnet pocket things-D- These are for the fridge. Never used and they are just taking up valuable fridge space.

32. Neon Green Crochet hat for kids-D-My kids don't own anything neon green to coordinate this with.

33. Black tights-TBR-The girls already have two pairs in the same size.

34. Pink tights for the girls-TBR-They already have so many pairs of pants and the original reason that I purchased these for I never implemented in my kiddos winter fashion statements for this past season.

35. The book Life by Keith Richards-TBR-I'm not going to read this.

36-40. Five shirts that I'm not going to wear-D- I just don't like the way they fit and hang on my body.

41. Zippered Tube top thing my mom gave me-D- This doesn't look right on me. But then again do tube tops look right on anyone?

42. Crushed velour tank top-D- I don't wear this thing.

43. Red long sleeved t-shirt-D- This has stains on it.

44. Anne Klein watch-D- I don't wear this

45. Fake Tiffany Atlas Ring-D- This is really tacky and besides the point its a fake. I've never worn it.

46. Watch-D- I really only need one watch. I wear the same one for everything and it is an expensive watch and it's pretty. It was a gift from my husband so it also holds sentimental value.

47. Planting pots- D-Let's face it and me and trying to grow any kid of plant :D Not going to happen. Although I did step out on a limb last summer and actually managed to produce a few tomatoes, chili peppers, cucumbers and squash I don't really care to go through that trouble again. Sorry if I've offended anyone but gardening just isn't my thing. I live in the south and it gets really, really, humid and hot down here. At 8pm I would be watering my container garden and dripping with sweat. Just not really my idea of fun. I'll find other ways to commune with nature and the earth. Gardening isn't it.

48-50. Blue clip things for keys-D-Never used these, never will

51. Another furniture marker pen-D- Why do I have so many of these things? I don't even own that much furniture. As a matter of fact I own 7 pieces of furniture to be exact. Not including appliances, kitchen table chairs, or exercise equipment, or furnture that is in our garage and not being used. We own 2 couches, 1 kitchen table, 1 rocking recliner in kids room, 2 toddler beds and our bed.

52. Old cell phone and charger-D- I have 2 other cell phones for backups in case one is broken. I don't need a third.

53. Stack of small papers for scribbly notes-T-How many papers do we need for notepaper? Really?

54. Pedometer-D- Never used it.

55. Broken Barbie Lamp-T- NSM

56. Old cell phone cover-D- I don't like the way this fits on my phone.

57. Coffee Scoop-D- I use a spoon to scoop my coffee

58. Weight Watchers Complete Food Companion book- D- I've never looked at this thing.

59. Paperwork to a various class I attended-T- I have never referenced back to this material even though I loved the class. I don't need this lying around.

60. Bay Leaves-G2M- I am not sure that I've actually ever cooked anything that required bay leaves.

61. Lennox Glass Vase-G2M- I have 3 other glass vases and I only get flowers maybe one time a year so I don't need another vase expectantly waiting for the flowers I just may one day receive. This is not a knock to my husband either. I don't want him to waste money on flowers. I would rather have a book or something that I can get a bit more use out of. Flowers just really aren't my thing.

62.LIttle Mermaid Wig for Build a Bear- D- "Santa" just brought this last month. Don't know why but evidently Santa felt the need to actually fill the room with as much stuff as he possibly could. Santa needs to stop doing that each year.

63. Scented Lotion-G2M- A friend gave this to me because she said the smell was too strong for her. Now I know why.

64. Some short pajama satin things-T- I don't wear these things. I have this weird thing that when I am sleeping something has to be in between my legs down to my ankles. My legs have to be completly covered.

65. Belt-D- For the girls it doesn't have holes in it. Santa just brought them each a belt because they are so small in their little waists that everything and I do mean everything is way too big for them.

66. Collapsible cooler thing-D- I already have two coolers so I really don't need three.

67. Lemon Pepper Seasoning-G2M- The only thing I use this for is fish and my husband doesn't care for it on his fish and me and the girls don't eat fish.

68. Plastic tupperware container-D- I don't need this many pieces of tupperware.

69-70. Two round knitting ball makers-D- I don't like the way these things work. After you make the balls they fall apart if you tug on them in the least little way.

71. Pottery apple cooker-D- I love pottery but I've never used this. If I decide I want to bake apples I can do the same thing with other bakeware I have. I don't need one piece of bakeware that only serves one purpose.

72. Broken remote car starter-T-NSM

73. Broken car alarm-T- NSM

74. Plasticd kids cup-D- How many children's cups do my kids need? Not quite as many as we have.

75. Princess and the Pea Game-2$- We've never played with this. It is a cute concept but it is a balancing game and we already have a few games that work on balancing.

76. Elefun Game-2$- Simple... I cannot stand this game. My kids can't either. I really, really wanted to like it but I don't.

77. Extra Washcloth-D- I don't need 5 of them. I know I'm extreme.

78. All of my plastic cabinet shelf lining-T- This stuff is a pain to clean and most of my cabinets are finished on the inside so I can just wipe them clean. This is just one added step.

79. Pair of pants for Gabbey-D- These are too short.

80. Pair of yoga pants-D- These don't fit me correctly and I don't really care for cotton to do yoga in. It's just gets to hot. I like the wicking material stuff. I know I'm pampered aren't I? :D

81. Velour Hoodie-D- I don't wear this

82. Bare Minerals Lipstick-T- I don't like this lipstick. It makes my lips feel all sticky

83. Aluminum Water Bottle-D- We already have a few of these and they are Sigg so they'll last forever.

84-86. 3 books-2$- My children don't really care for these particular books.

87. Curling iron-D- Haven't used this in years. The only person in my house who would use this would be my oldest daughter when she gets a little bit older and honestly if I need to curl her hair I can borrow a curling iron from someone.

88. Tums-Will not purchase any longer- We have so much medicine and much of it serves the same purpose and yet I continue to buy different brands. Tums and Pepto do the same things right? We really only need Pepto. I know this is stupid but I just really don't want a medicine cabinet stocked full of 50 different medications that we never use.

89. Hydrocortisone Cream-T- Haven't used this in many years.

90. Alka Seltzer-T- My husband purchased this one time and used one packet of it and then never touched it.

91. Gas X-T- Same reason as #90

92. Baby Nasal Aspirator-T- My children are old enough to blow thier own noses.

93. Aspirin- Will not purchase any longer- We use Ibuprofen not aspirin and I don't know how we ended up with this.

94. Vitamin E Tablets-T- I don't know why we even have this in the house.

95. Blow Dryer-D- Me and my youngest daughters hair cannot be blown dry. We will looked like lions. Literally. My oldest daughter's hair can be blown dry but we don't. We just let it air dry. I don't want to damage her hair with a blow dryer. I haven't touched this thing in 7 years at least.

96. Flat Iron-2$- I know you are wondering why I am selling a flat iron. Well... this was about $125 a few years ago. Whether or not I'll find anyone to pay even $20 who knows but it's worth a try. It honestly takes 90 minutes to flat iron out my hair. Needless to say I haven't done this since before I was a Mom. I had it done for me one time in a salon. If I want it done I'll go to the salon and pay the $25 it isn't worth it to be to stand there and do it myself.

97. Castor oil-T- I've used this once in the past to remove a wart and it worked!!! If I ever need it again I'll purchase more. No need in having it sit around.

98. Sewing scissors-D-I don't use these.

99. Ear wax removal stuff-T- Don't know why we have this.

100. Headband-D- This thing slides off of my head each time I wear it and it is really annoying.

101. Asana Kisses-T- I won't purchase any more of this. The concept is cute but rather expensive. This is the same thing as Icy Hot but much more money.

102. Coach Wallet/Sling-2$- Don't use this anymore. Bought it one year ago so it looks like it was a $70 waste of money. Didn't even use it for one full year.

103. Grey Sweatshirt-D- I've never worn this.

104. Purple Dress-D- Don't mean to get personal here but I can't wear a bra with this and I don't know what I was thinking. I can't wear any kind of clothing that I can't wear a bra with. I bought this on sale so I thought I was getting a bargain. Evidently not because I paid money for something that I knew I was never going to be able to wear.

105. Black tube top dress thing-D- Never wore this either. Purchased at the same time as the above listed dress. Not sure what I was thinking that day.

106. About 100 children hangers-D- We only use plastic hangers in our house and I've got some small children's wire hangers and a bunch of the store hangers. We have almost one whole shelf of just hangers hanging there.

107. Blue Talk top-D- Never worn. I don't like tank tops on my body. I know I seriously have body dysmorphia sp? issues. I really do, no joke but tank tops... ummm no thank you. Maybe under a yoga top to stick out underneath and look cute and sporty but not just the tank top.

108. Several small plastic tupperware containers-D- Seriously Kelly... Howmany of these things do you need?

109. Plastic tray thing-D- Don't know where this thing came from. Found it in the kids room with the kitchen toys.

110. Plastic ring for the kids-D- We keep getting these things. Or at least my husband keeps getting them and I find them EVERYWHERE. I wake up in the middle of the night and step on them and they hurt. Bad.

111. Abominable Snow Man Key chain-I purchased this for my oldest daughter for Christmas because she has this fascination with the abominable snowman sp? I thought it was funny. She didn't find it so amusing. She never touched the thing.

112. Pair of black pants-D- Too small. I've lost weight in the past year but to fit into these I would have to weigh aobut 80 lbs. Not healthy.

113. White shirt-D- I know you will find this silly but this requires ironing and I just don't iron. I don't usually buy clothes that require ironing.

114-116. 3 Items of clothes that I don't like/don't fit etc-D- NSM

117. Cornstarch-G2M- Why do I have this in my kitchen? Don't you use cornstarch to make gravy? I don't know but no one in my house eats gravy.

118. Sidewalk Chalk-D- How do we end up with so much of this stuff? Seriously? I have a whole big bucket full of it on our front porch and we just keep getting more of it from people

119. Food Coloring-G2M- I already have a new box of this. I know you are screaming what if you need it!!! But trust me I won't. I try as much as I can to limit my kids intake of processed foods, dye's etc.

*** At this point in time I've decided to simply list the item and its destination and am opting to no longer give a reason unless I feel compelled to.***

120. Calphalon Sphagetti Strainer-2$
121. Saline Solution-T
122. Murano Vase- 2$
123-125. T- 3 old magazines I was keeping to refer back to the articles in which I no longer rember so obviously they weren't that important
126-135. Large Manila Envelopes I was saving "just in case I need them"-T
136. Ribbon-D
137. More ribbon to make bows for the girls hair-D
138. Extra worn out bib-T
139. Leaky Sippy Cup-T
140-142. 2 Hand Embroidered Cloth Napkins-D- My sister-in-law made these for my husband and I and all of these years I have held onto these things. My SIL doesn't like me and hasn't liked me for many years and I really honestly have no clue why. Don't know and I really just don't care anymore. If you can't come to me and talk to me about something, after 10 + years than I don't feel as though I need to waste any mental energy on trying to perfect myself to fit into whatever image it is you wish for me to fit. Grow up and move on. I am.
143. Syrup Water with food coloring in it-T- Used for my little girl when she felt she "needed" medicine but really didn't. I made this up just to pacify her. I now sit down with her and get to the root of the problem instead of just "covering it up" with fake medicine. Maybe this is a sign I'm growing as a parent?
144-149. 5 Play cup things of the kids. These are stacking cups.-D
150. Jar of beads-D
151. Serving Platter-G2M- I know another one right...
152. Yoga ball Mickey Mat-D
153-162. Weight Watchers books #2-10- D
163. Legwarms just purchased but never worn-D
164-168. 4 Pairs of Barrettes-D
169. Wee Sing Tape-D
170-178. Empty Baby Food jars I was saving for something-F
179. Photo Thank you cards where the photo was taken over a year ago-T- I am only trashing these because I honestly look like a totally different human being now than in the picture.
180. Fly Swatter-T- Why do we have this again?
181. Scrapbooking Kit-Brand new in box-D- I already have so much on my to-do list each day. I do digital scrapbooking for my kids. Each year shortly after thier birthdays I give them a digital scrapbook made especially for them about what they did throughout that year. Doing them digitally takes me about 20 hours per scrapbook. I cannot imagine how long it would take to do it manually/normally :D I give credit to those mommies out there. But then again I don't know if they do one per child, per year and then a family scrapbook on top of it. So I do 3 per year. Thats about 60-70 hours scrapbooking. To me its worth it and my girls love looking through the pictures of themselves taken throughout that year. But manually isn't for me. I'm just not that type of mom.
182-184. 3 Power cords I have no idea what they go to.-D
185. Power cord wrapper thing-D
186. Sunglasses case-D
187.-189.- Three nice small gift boxes-D
190. Label maker-D
191. Label maker tape-D
192-216. 24 miscellaneous books and VHS tapes-2$
217. Dog toy-D
218. Kids Jeans-D
219.-220. 2 piece kids outfit that's too small-D
221. Capri pants for kids too small-D
222. Aluminum Water bottle-D
223. Black jeans for kids-D
224. Small stuffed animal-D
225.Pink t-shirt thats stained-T
226. Corelle Bowl-D
227. Broken Princess Hat-T
228. Plastic tupperware-D
229. Build a Bear bows- 10 of them-D
230. Black Dress for girls-D
231. 24 month jeans-D
232-234.- 3 pairs of socks-T
235. Large Binder clip thing-D
236. Large Pin I've never worn-D
237. Kids sippy cup-D
238. Small Vase-D
239. Mint Flavoring-G2M
240. Black Peppercorn Seasoning-G2M
241. Minced Onions Spice-G2M
242. Allspice-G2M
243.-247.- 5 pieces of Barbie Furniture- Santa brought barbie furniture for the girls this past year. Evidently Santa didn't plan the layout of the house nor is he a minimalist because all of the furniture doesn't fit into the dollhouse. I have seriously found my 4 year old trying to re-arange all of the furniture to make it look right. When Santa/I set it all in the dollhouse on Christmas eve he/I had to put some on the flat roof because it wouldn't all fit. Then when my little girl saw it she started removing furniture!!! I think I see the beginnings of a little minimalist on my hands :D
248. High chair for baby dolls-D
249. Another stuffed animal-D
250. Doll Dress-D
251. Another plastic ring-D
252. Alphabet Leapfrog toy-2$
253.-254.- 2 unopened cans of baby formula-D
255. Box of unopened Rice Baby Cereal-D
256.-263. 7 jars of unopened baby food-D
*** I am putting the above items (253-263) on my list because these will not be purchased again in my home
264. Vitamin D-G2M
265. Vitamin B12-G2M
266. Dog Toy-D
267. Tank Top-D
268.-269. PJ's for kids that are too small-D
270. Book-D
271. Kid's Tutu-D- My girls own about 7 tutu's they don't need another one.
272.-273.-2 Frozen make your own popsicle trays-D
274.-276.- 3 Pairs of dress up play shoes-D
277. Charcoal capsules-G2M
278. Snow White dress thing-D
279. Fur hat thing-D
280. Dishtowel-D
281. Peppermint Tea-G2M
282. Monogram Flip Flops-D?
283. Dress up play purse-D
284. Barbie Camcoder-D-Santa just brought this for Christmas. It really doesn't work well at all.
285.-288.-4 pieces of clothing-D
289.-290- 2 shirts of the kids that don't fit-D
291. Belt-D
292. Yoga Ball-D- I've never used this
293. Monogrammed Tissue Holder-D?
294. Phonebook-T- I don't look number up in the paper phonebook any longer. I just look them up on the internet.
295. Play cup thing-D
296. Barbie comb-D
297. Little People Cat-D
298. Another Plastic Ring-D
299. Play Bracelet-D
300. Barbie Furniture-D
301.303.- 3 pieces of Barbie Clothing- I am not a big fan of Barbie but this stuff has creeped its way into my home somehow. Someone gave my oldest daughter a Barbie as a gift one year and it just escalted from there. So as much as possible I do try to let my 4 year old know that Barbie isn't what we should strive to look like as a person. Her body isn't realistic. I explain this as best as you can to a 4 year old child. So needless to say if Barbie has some outfits that I wouldn't allow my kids to wear because they are way too revealing/skimpy etc. than Barbie WILL NOT be wearing them in our home either. Mommy's jurisdiction does extend to Barbie's wardrobe :D I am seriously thinking about just narrowing her wardrobe down to princess dresses. Although that's not realistic everyday wear maybe for Barbie it is. I'm still thinking about it.
304. 2 Georgia Bulldog (My husband's college football teach) Cheerleading Outfits for the girls-2$- These things were so expensive and they only wore them one time for a single picture. Huga waste of money.
305. Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag-2$- Very expensive diaper bag that I've only used a handful of times. I no longer need a diaper bag for my girls. Sometimes I wish I did because I do miss those days.
306. Petunia Picklebottom Stroller Clips-2$- These clip the diaper bag conveniently onto your stroller.
307.-308- 2 Brand new notebooks for the girls-TBR- My husband bought these for the girls. He can't say no to them they just have him in the palm of thier hands. In any case they don't need these and I think they were about $4 each.
309. Hoodie thing with animal ears-D- I just purchased this a few months ago from ebay from Taiwan. For some reason I was on this kick that I wanted a hoodie that had animal ears on the hood. I could only find this overseas and paid more for the shipping than for the item itself. Needless to say I should have given this purchase some more thought. I think the first clue should have been that I couldn't find a hoodie like this in adult sizes.
310. Stuffed dog from Build a Bear-D- How many stuffed animals does one child need?