2011 Thing Rules and Guidelines        

1. A pair of something where one is insignificant without the other doesn't count as two. It counts as one. ie: shoes, socks

2. Set of sheets, plates, cups, etc. where I can seperate and use 1 or 2 of the set for something can count by themselves.

3. Bags of beads, tacks, paper clips, etc. only count as 1. Come on now... that's cheating :D

4. Something I use up and don't intend on replacing  (Saran Wrap, fabric softener sheets, certain spices, various bath and body items) can count as one.

5. I will not count something until it's been pulled fro mit's place and set into appropriate container.

A) Goodwill
B) Goes to Mom/someone
C) Trash
D) To Sell
E) McKay's used bookstore
F) Freecycle
6. No stuff is retroactive. Period. I started on 1/1/2011.

7. Really doesn't need to be mentioned but in case I got desperate- Normal everyday trash (milk jugs, shampoo bottles, etc) do not count.

8. Things that are borrowed from someone don't count. They would eventually be leaving my home anyway.

**9. This is really to keep me from getting all this stuff all over my kitchen counters- Don't go gathering items and then have piles of stuff everywhere. This kind of defeats the whole peace of mind and simplify mantra I am personally aiming for. Wait until I have the time to place them in the appropriate bin and write it down.

10. Items that have never been used, still have the tag on them and I still have the receipt for count as one.

My abbreviation system:
TBR- To be returned (Item still has tags on it and was purchased within the past few months and I still have the receipt)
D- Dontated
Tr- Trashed
G2M- Give to Mom
2$- To Sell
NSM- Need I say more (You'll see where I am going with this)
F- Freecycle