I was reading my People Magazine today and I ran across an article about Jeff Bridges. Now I'm not particularly a Jeff Bridges fan I decided to read on and I'm glad I did. He states that when he was a child his mom "had this thing she called 'time.' She did whatever each kid wanted for an hour each day. She was spectacular." That really is spectacular. Now some days, not all, I do actually devote at least an hour to each of my kids doing what they want and getting down on the ground engaging in whatever activity they are in. But not every day. Most days start off the same way. Me waking way before they get up to work out or do yoga for 60 minutes. Then I feed all of the animals and by that time the girls are up and usually by that time we always seems to be racing around to get somewhere. This I need to get control of. Something that I haven't mentioned before is that I am currently taking a teacher training class to become a yoga instructor. While I LOVE this and I am really enjoying it I have found it to be a struggle to balance family and my yoga. I know you are probably thinking why is it hard to do yoga for one hour a day? I practice for at least one hour, meditate for 10-20 minutes daily, have texts to read, papers to write, 6 classes to assist with, and 15 classes of unsupervised teaching to be done. All of these things take time and practice. While I do rise early to do my practice I still attend 2-4 in person classes a week and my darling husband has been my go to man to practice what will be my "in-class" routines since I am not yet to the point where I can do this in my head and make it up as I go along. My personal workout practice has been suffering which I am really okay with but I really want to start to do some cardio. Yoga doesn't give me the cardio I crave and need. Just the mental rest and overall good feeling I get from it. So I need to sit down and figure something out. SOON! Because my families priorities come first and lately that hasn't really been happening. I know motherhood is all about balancing and I just need to reset the level so to speak. When I don't have balance in my daily life everything else suffers. Including and most importantly my husband and my little ones. So perhaps this week when I make out my new schedule I should try to work in at least a few days of just "time" to my kids. Just to them for whatever they want. Even if I have to get up at 5AM each day. It's worth it. Time. Something that once it's lost you can't gain it back.