Things 11-40
11. Camcorder Box- Tr- I don't need it.

12. Glass Cake Stand and topper-G2M- I've never used this so I don't presume I ever will.

13. Jay Strongwater cross ornament- 2$- Still not sure why my husband purchased this for me. It was sweet but I really just don't like it. It is kind of gaudy. I purchased a Jay Strongwater picture frame and then I think he was hoping I might start some collection of sorts... didn't happen.

14. Serving Platter-G2M- My poor mother. This is going back to her. I've never used it and that means that I probably won't. Since I've not mentioned this before I am a vegetarian so this is really kind of useless to me. I suppose I could serve up a heaping mound of some sort of vegetarian entree but I more than likely won't so off it goes. Just in case you decide at this point to form some rather strong opinions about me in regards to my vegetarianism hold off. Please. I am not a red spray painting your Nike sneakers kind of activist. I do believe in what I believe in but I do not push my thoughts or belief system off onto anyone else. Except my kids until they have reached the age where they understand the food choices they choose to make. I purchase meat, chicken, fish etc and I cook it for my husband. My belief system extends to myself and my children. I will talk to you about it should you ask but I am not one of those people that if you order a meat entree in my presence I do not feel the need to abandon you to dine alone nor belittle you about your dietary choices.

15-17. Paper handprints made by the three foster children who were in our homes in 2010. I have pictures, many, to remember these little ones by and don't need these hanging in my kitchen.

18 & 19. Two plastic plates for the kids- D- We have enough plates and I am trying to eliminate the amount of plastic serving items that go into the microwave.

20. Seahorse kids plate-D- See item above same reason.

21. Contact lense case-Tr- I haven't worn contacts in over a year.

22. Huge toenail clippers- D?- Unless I am needing to amputate a finger or toe these are useless.

23. Blue Nailpolish-D- Cute but lets be realistic shall we... I tend to go for pink or red. Occasionally I'll throw in some nailpolish with sparkles. Who knows maybe I need to step out on a limb and try it. One day.

24. Red nailpolish-D-I have another red that I like better and I don't need two.

25. Baby Brite Book lite-T- Doesn't work but when it did it was awesome. Coal miners could use this thing.

26-28. Extra Christmas stockings- D-Don't know why I need extras?

29. Weight Watchers Scale-2$-This is still in the box and I've had it for 6 months. I don't think I will use it if I haven't touched it yet.

30-31. Two magnet pocket things-D- These are for the fridge. Never used and they are just taking up valuable fridge space.

32. Neon Green Crochet hat for kids-D-My kids don't own anything neon green to coordinate this with.

33. Black tights-TBR-The girls already have two pairs in the same size.

34. Pink tights for the girls-TBR-They already have so many pairs of pants and the original reason that I purchased these for I never implemented in my kiddos winter fashion statements for this past season.

35. The book Life by Keith Richards-TBR-I'm not going to read this.

36-40. Five shirts that I'm not going to wear-D- I just don't like the way they fit and hang on my body.